I am Jenn, a writer, researcher, analyst, gym-rat, and a former binge-eater.

Since my teen years I developed two obsessions – writing and binge-eating.

The first one is creative and self-fulfilling. Another one was destructive and life-sucking.

Writing required hard work and dedication to become a full-time occupation. Food addiction, on the other hand, occupied my thoughts on a full-time basis without neither invitation, nor permission from my side. It followed me like a shadow, always ready to attack and infuse its poison into my life. At some point I believed it was my second nature.

I stopped binge-eating about two years ago. For good. It wasn’t my second nature, as it turned out. Nothing of the kind.

Now I channeled all that energy, previously enslaved by binge-eating, into writing, so that my  “productive obsession” can helps others to gain freedom from binge-eating.

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